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About Us

Play On Adventure

In today’s Technology & Competition driven world, people do not find time for outdoor activities. Children are burdened with education and Adults are stressed with work.

Even for fun activities in Mumbai, a weekend outing is restricted to movies, brunch/dinner, shopping malls or some retail therapy at best.

We all lack physical activities and adventure in our lives

With technology becoming an integral part of human lives, how does Play On – The Adventure Camp overcome these barriers?

Play On Adventure

After accomplishing 15 glorious years in the Amusement & Leisure industry, by setting up over 75 Bowling and Amusement centres across India. CSML has ventured into their first Outdoor Activity Project.

Adventure was once only known for its health benefits, but the advantages it had for a person’s mental wellness and how it allowed oneself to enlighten their soul was fascinating. On this very note, focusing on the need of Adventure in today’s world, and, in a place where indulging in Outdoor Activities poses a challenge, how do we get an entire generation to

  •   Get Out
  •   Get Going
  •   Get Adventurous?
Play On Adventure

Play On – The Adventure Camp is one of a kind Military Themed Adventure zone, spread over an area of 18,000 sq. ft. comprising of 9 action packed adventure activities.

Perfect for Weekend Outings and Light on the pocket, it appeals to all age groups and strata of people right from children to youth, corporates and families.

Play On – The Adventure Camp is located within city limits thus making it the only Adventure Zone in Navi Mumbai easily accessible for residents of Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, and other neighbouring places.

The best adventure therapy near you.




Soar high above in the skies of Navi Mumbai and experience an exhilarating high wire adventure. Defy gravity and...



A military style obstacle course to get your body warmed up and pumped up. A course where you need to walk on...



A high Rope Course where one needs to overcome a circuit of 6 obstacles, with a true heart...



A true military themed obstacle course in all senses. Walk on hanging tyres, crawl through...


UPHILL ADVENTURE – Net Climbing Activity

Skill, Endurance and Speed, will be tested while you scuttle across our Net Climbing Activity. Reach the peak...


OPEN FIRE – Paintball Firing Range

Everyday can be a day of colours at Play On – The Adventure Camp. Paint the target with colourful paintball pellets and a semi-automatic gun...



Bungee Soccer was never this exciting as you team up in 6s, be suspended in air and try to score...


MISSILE EVASION – Knockdown or Meltdown

The game that forces an absolute meltdown. Jump and Duck like a trained military personnel...


STEADY FEET – Low Rope Course

Military doesn’t necessarily mean Rough and Tough. A low course to test how steady your feet can be when you cross the Burma bridge...

Plan your visit

Ticket Price

Ticket Price

Have the adventure of your life at Play On – The Adventure Camp. With Packages for Corporates, School Trips and for Birthday Parties, we have got you all. Play On is going to be your next topic of conversation when it comes to Team Building Activities for Corporates, Personality Development & Fun for your School Children, and an Adventurous Birthday Party that you will never forget.

Unlimited Package at 699*
(Kindly check for Special Prices on our banner page)

*Only one round of Open Fire & Airborne Invasion comes free with the package. For each additional round, refer below
Open Fire: 99+GST | Airborne Invasion 99 + GST

School Trips

School Trips

Sending their children outdoor is the ideal situation for a parent these days. What if we could provide the right kind of outdoor activities that could help a child develop Personality Traits like Cognitive Skills, Psychological Skills and Social Skills?

We at Play On – The Adventure Camp, plan and customise a package for you and your children, while providing them the necessary training and skills, along with a diversified workshop. With one of the best staff in the industry, and harnesses of International Standards, we assure you a student friendly environment that can help your child learn and enjoy simultaneously.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Adventure, Fun and Bonding are the only things you require after a tiresome work routine. Break the routine and enjoy a strong dose of Adventure and Team Building Activities, that will keep your adventure appetite up for quite some time.

Tailor-made packages for corporate outings which involves a combination of Adventure, Team Building Activities and Recreation Sports at such affordable prices that you just cannot say no for. Customisation of these packages help us help you pick an event for varied time frames, including a half day event that helps you not only learn and enjoy, but also give you time to go back to your family, and spend the few extra hours with them. And that is why we bring #AdventureNearYou

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Adventure being one of the best therapy in the world, and parties being one such adventure, why not combine the two only at Play On – The Adventure Camp.

Host your next party at Play On – The Adventure Camp and gift your loved ones a unique military themed adventure treat. Customising a package for you is something we take pride in, and we would make sure you get the best out of it. A unique way to spend a fun filled evening with your loved ones only at Play On – The Adventure Camp.

Play On Adventure


Ready to bring Adventure Near You?

Be the first to bring Adventure in your city by becoming our partner and invest in a great and profitable activity through our Franchisee Model!!!

With a top-quality structure, and services being second to none, our franchisee model allows us to pass on our time-tested knowledge to you, so that your journey of bringing adventure near you can thrive fast and grow to the next level. We also assist in operating your business effectively.

For more information, contact us today by completing the form on this page, emailing to hello@playonadventure.com or calling to +91 8080871871. We look forward to zip-lining into the conversation.


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